Are There Parasites That Can Inhabit The Nasal Passages In A Human?


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Yes.  I blew something out of my nose that was shaped like a small capsule that was covered with gray/green mucous-like matter.  I guess the mucous enveloped it to protect my body from it.  I believe it was the head of something that I blew out a week later that looked like the body of a baby dragonfly.   It was also encapsulated in a mucous - clear mucous, therefore, it was easy to see that it was an insect's body with a long tail and no head--actually shaped like a tadpole, but because it had budding wings and something that resembled a dragonfly's head that I had hawked out a week earlier, I believe that it was a baby dragonfly that I breathed in, or a larvae, but I cannot even begin to remember or imagine how it entered my nasal cavity.
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Yes there are parasites that can inhibit Human Nasal passage. There can be many kinds of such parasites that can infect a human nasal passage. One of them is a kind of Pentastomiasis. The larvae enter the human nasopharyngial passage and cause pain and itching in the ears, throat, head, vomitting etc. They can be as long as 5-10mm. They can cause intense damage to facial nerves so your husband better get himself checked for any such parasites. For reference see the link below:

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