What Do Human Intestinal Parasites Look Like?


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Helminths (worms) and protozoa are the two main types of human intestinal parasite and when people speak about parasites, they usually think of worms.  Intestinal worms vary a lot in size and can be several meters long, rounded or flat but parasitic protozoa are microscopic and people are generally unaware of them.

There are hundreds of types of worms that infect humans worldwide but the ones most commonly known are roundworms, thread- or pinworms and tapeworms.

Ascaris lumbricoides, a big roundworm that can reach a length of 49cm, is the most common parasitic worm worldwide and some sources estimate that a quarter of the human population is infected by it.  Like most parasitic worms, it is thin and whitish in color, with male and female worms able to live in the gut for up to two years.

Threadworm, also known as pinworm, seatworm or Enterobiasis, is one of the most common childhood parasitic worms in the developed world.  These worms are small, thin, around one to two mm in length and cause intense itching at night, particularly in the area of the anus.

One of the most feared of the intestinal worms is the long, flat tapeworm with its head full of hooks and suckers that attach to the intestine.  The worm is white with a segmented body that reaches lengths of three to five meters and the segments break off and pass out of the body with the feces.

You can see what the some of the worst human intestinal parasites look like by visiting the online gallery at New Scientist magazine.
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Human Intestinal Parasites are kind of worms and they can cause problems such as stomach bloating, constipation, asthma, diarrhea etc. They normally occur due to poor sanitation and hygiene. They are of many different types but normally they are thin and long. You can view the images of Human Intestinal Parasite at the link below:
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I had hundreds of black specks like black pepper with clear tails and they were swimming in the toliet after diarrhea
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Purple and grey!
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I bought an older car almost a year ago-I am continuously finding these (1-3mm) worms in my car. They look like they might have several segments, reddish/tan with some type of hair coming off their tail end. WHAT ARE THESE??? No heat or cold seems to have been able to kill them in my car & when I leave clothes in there, I find them on my clothes days later.

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