How Do You Clear A Severely Blocked Nasal Passage Naturally?


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While many believe that the quick fix solution to clearing a severely blocked nasal passage is to head straight to the pharmacy for over the counter medication, there are a number of natural remedies you can try first. A blocked nose is caused by the inflamed vessels in the membranes lining the inside of your nostril. When the tissues become swollen, it can block the normal passage of fluid through your nasal pathways.

Breathing in salt water is a quick tip way to try to clear your sinuses and reduce the need for pain medication. This can be done using salt water in a spray bottle or by using a neti pot. Spicy, peppery and pungent foods are natural decongestants and eating them may help clear your nose. Mint chewing gum can sometimes do the trick too. Drinking lots of water helps keep the sinus membranes well hydrated that, in turn, will keep them more active and help thin the mucus in your nose. Exercising, particularly something like running up and down the stairs, can change the pressure in your body and help clear your nasal passages. Avoid blowing your nose frequently as this only irritates the nose and causes extra pain. If you are feeling more blocked up on one side you can take a temporary measure by lying on the alternative side. This can be a relief at night time as unblocking at least one of your nostrils may help you sleep better.

Steam, warm compresses and invigorating your sense of smell are all other natural ways of trying to clear severely blocked nasal passages. Some even suggest that opening the car windows while driving, doing handstands for as long as possible or giving your nose a massage can act as quick fix methods to clear your nose in a natural fashion.
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The nasal passage could be blocked because of some infection caused in the body- The common cold. You can perform the following procedure to unblock your nose in an easy and painless way:

Exhale, and then hold your breath for as long as you can without trying too hard. Now inhale and your nose should be unblocked. After this procedure do not forget to blow your nose. Repeat the process regularly to relieve your nose.

If the above method does not work, try the following: Position the palm of your hand under your nose, blocking your nostril fully. Then blow out for a few seconds, remove your hand and then breathe in slowly. Do not forget to wash your hands.

If the above does not work, then try eating pungent food which might unblock your nose.

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