What Does A Positive Tuberculosis Test Look Like?


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A test that shows positive for Tuberculosis could appear in different ways. It may be that the test reveals latent TB. This would show as a hard red bump. The bump would develop where the injection was administered. This should appear within 48 to 72 hours of having the test. If the skin reaction is very severe then a chest X-ray may be necessary to determine if there is an active TB infection.

The injection is for a test called the 'Mantoux Test'. An injection of PPD Tuberculin is given just under the skin. This is done in the forearm of the patient just below the elbow. It is likely that there would be a stinging sensation for a few moments following the injection. After a few days, a check up will be given to look for a reaction to the test. It is possible that a positive test could simply be revealing the presence of TB due to a BCG vaccine given to the patient previously.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection spread through minute saliva droplets that are sneezed or coughed by an infected person. Someone could become infected, but their body usually fights back the infection and they would be fine. A latent infection is where a person is infected, but their immune system creates a barrier around the bacteria so that it cannot do any damage. The body cannot destroy the bacteria, but there should not be any ill effects.

Active TB is where the immune system is unable to destroy or contain the bacteria and it begins to attack the body. This usually occurs in the lungs. Latent TB can become active TB, particularly if the immune system is threatened.
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I took a Tb skin test and for the first three days there was nothing,But now there is a small
bump where I took the shot. What does this mean.
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Tuberculosis is a deadly and contagious disease which is also known as the silent disease because you might not know that you are having it. There are a series of tests for Tuberculosis such as Chest x-ray, physical examination and most important TB skin test. A positive TB skin test will have an duration greater than 10mm. For more details about the test and TB as a disease see the link below:

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It is contagious, but not deadly. You may want to take that comment out because it simply is not true and very very misleading. You may want to read a little more on the subject before you make such false comments. Also a test can be positive with a 5mm spot or wheel.
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I have a tb test done on me and for the first three days there was nothing ,but now there is a small
bump on the spot that I took the skin test. What does that mean.
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I had a positive Tuberculosis test, but in the X rays I was Negative, it looks like a rash and a red spot, but don't worry, the next step is to have the X ray, there is where doctors are going to confirm. Good Luck! ;)

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