Can You Show Me A Picture Of A Tb Test On Arm That Is Positive?


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The best way to find images of positive TB tests is to have a look on Google images. Go to '' and select 'Images'. In the search box type 'Positive TB test' and you will be presented with 3,970,000 images of what a positive TB test looks like. It will usually look like a red or pink rash or blister that is approximated 2cm wide.
  • Testing and immunization TB

Tuberculosis is tested with a skin test. A small amount of the tuberculosis bacteria is injected onto the forearm. This test does not hurt but leaves the skin with a series of little pricks. If the person does not have TB or any TB bacteria in their body, the pricks will quickly fade away within a few days.

If the person has TB, the skin around the tested area will become inflamed. It will become inflamed because a person who has the infection will be sensitive to the bacteria.
  • What is TB?

TB is a disease caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. TB was once a major cause of death and the biggest killer in the US but since the invention of drugs to treat and prevent TB, it is no longer such a threat. TB is spread through the air and usually spread when a person who is infected coughs or sneezes and another person breathes in their bacteria.

People can also have TB in other parts of the body, such as the kidneys or spine, but this is not normally infectious. It is possible to carry TB but not be affected by the bacteria. It is unlikely that a carrier of TB will know they have the disease but will spread it to other people, this is why the TB testing is so important.
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I just got the shot today and its still red size of a of a dime maybe little bigger and felling a slight rise in it is that normal?
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A positive TB test results in a deep pink or red spot on the arm. Here is a link from where you can see pictures of a positive tb test:
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Wait a minute.......... Let's clarify that! A pink or red spot IS NOT the indicator of a positive TB test. It is NOT the redness....... It is the raised or indurated area. Many false positives are recorded because people look only at the redness.
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Yes a raised area the day you get it is normal because the fluid is injected right under the skin and it creates a "bubble" look at first
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This reaction takes at least 48-72 hours to develop after getting the test.

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