What Is The Best Way To Relive A Cough?


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I had a very bad cough, and my mama used to make me a hot totty. I don't know if you know what that is but it's a type of tea that has whiskey or any other alcoholic liquors in it. Then after she do that, she would tell me to get in bed, rub some vicks vapor rub salve on me and turn on the heater so I can sweat the poisons out of my body. That'll help the phlegm come up and you can spit that put. The alcohol helps you sweat that stuff out and cough it up. However, when having a cold, DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING WITH DAIRY PRDUCTS SUCH AS CHEESE AND MILK. DRINK LOTS OF JUICE AND WATER. After getting rid of these cold, I suggest you get a product called airborne. You can get it at wal-mart or maybe any other grocery store. You take it when you get the first symptom of a cold. Keep that in the house hold. But a hot totty with honey and liquor is good. It helped me out. Do it every night and in the daytime just take some drowsy free medication. If you are underage, use halls cough drops in the tea instead of the liquor, and put it in the tea to melt. Don't go outside after drinking this or after putting the vapor rub salve. It'll worsen the cold. Use spearmint tea and add a little honey.
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If you are a smoker then you should immediately stop smoking. If the problem persists you should consult the doctor. Have a look for more details:


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