When Is A Cough Considered Serious?


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A cough, caused by irritation in the throat or the airways of the lungs arising from any complaint, can be soothed by medicines over the first few days but can last as long as necessary. Sometimes a cough is a healthy response to circulate oxygen around the system or get rid of any mucus that has built up on any organs. An asthmatic cough, caused by constriction of airways and notable by a slight wheezing on exhalation, can be treated with a blast of inhaled air from an inhaler. Of course if blood is coughed up then that becomes a matter for a doctor’s emergency treatment as it is likely in this case that an organ is problematic. Some bodies take longer than others to shake off a cold or flu, and demand that fluids be replaced to ensure proper regulation of bodily functions including homeostasis and excretion. If the mucus in a cough is yellow then bronchitis or pneumonia is a problem. In all cases, try to stay around clean air and regulate your breathing and let the virus leave your system without any antibiotics necessary. A smoker’s cough can be cured by nicotine patches and treatment for an addiction, as smoking has been proven to affect the lung and airways. A cough is the most common reason for primary case visits in the US, so please make sure it really is degenerative rather than merely irritating; a variety of throat-soothing sucky sweets can help numb the pain, and bedrest can soothe one’s head.
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A cough is always VERY serious if you are coughing up blood.

It is serious if you have a chest infection resulting in coughing up copious phlegm, very much so if you are having difficulty breathing.

Even a tickly non-productive cough can be a sign of an underlying condition which requires attention if it is chronic.

One of the most serious is jokingly called 'smoker's cough' because people think it is simply caused by tobacco and they do not need to worry about it. Carry on smoking, and years down the line you will probably have emphysema and require oxygen delivered through nasal tubes to stay alive because the tobacco smoke has half destroyed your lungs.

So if you have only a slight cough which has gone on for weeks, see you doctor.

If you have a chest infection, see your doctor.

If you are coughing up blood, see your doctor as a matter of urgency.

Above all, if you are a smoker, STOP SMOKING!!!!
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If you've had it for a week, you should start to care for it! It depends if you were sick before , or if you are having a hard time breathing when you cough, and if there are any other symptoms.
See your doctor, perhaps.
Hope it gets better!
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I have a bad cough and rib pain. Do I need to go to the dr.? It tickles in my throat and my heart seems like its beating faster. These are some weird symptoms. And I am a smoker and yes I know I need to  stop
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"see a doctor" first I am not a doctor . The cough could be caused by anything . Unless it is associated with other things like pain in the chest or fever,headaches,runny nose,watery eyes."again see a doctor".hope this helped.

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