I Have A Pressure Inside My Head,and Have Had This For A Good Many Years. It Does Not Bother Me But Would Like To Know What It Could Be And What May Cause This.


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This is your stress. You take things always high. You feel them too much and as your mental condition is not relaxed so your nerves started getting weak.

Try to take things light as much as possible. Don't take tension of anything. Take sufficient sleep and sometimes try to do those little things that can give you pleasure.
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Have you ever been tested for Chiari 1 malformation. It is a brain herniation out of the skull which blocks cerebral spinal fluid. I have suffered with this condition for 18 years and was just diagnosed correctly after a car accident. I had an MRI which showed a 16mm herniation. The backed up spinal fluid causes lots of symptoms, headaches and pressure in the head is the major symptom of this condition. Many doctors also told me It was "stress" they were wrong and I am looking into decompression surgery to finally get some relief from the pain I have suffered with all my life. Ask your doc for an MRI it is possible you have this condition, though I hope you don't.
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I think you use to take tension for something, or you might be a sensitive person, may be that's the reason you are facing this kind of headache. It may also be some form of stress.

Do remember dear that " Life is not a bed of roses ".here all the things just don't happen in the way you want them to happen, so never bother for anything if it is not going as per your desire.

Do few things to avoid this kind of pressure, as
- Take plenty of water at least 8 glasses
- Take proper sleep
- Try to go for a walk especially in morning
- Do a little exercise on daily basis
- Take the things lightly

In addition to this if you are facing it from long time than I think you should consult some good neurologist as well.

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