What Is Critical Potassium Level?


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Potassium is an electrolyte, a type of salt that plays a part in conducting electrical impulses in your body. Potassium in particular is vital to maintain at a healthy level as it controls the water levels in your body and helps to keep your blood pH constant.

Low Levels of Potassium

Low levels of potassium, a condition known as Hypokalemia, is dangerous as it means that cells find it difficult to conduct their necessary processes which can have serious consequences. A normal level of potassium in your blood is between 3.6 and 5.2 millimoles per litre. Anything less than 2.5 milimoles would be considered critically low.

High levels of potassium

High levels of potassium is known as Hyperkalemia. This can occur if your kidneys are not functioning properly, and are not regulating the amount of potassium in your body. High potassium levels can affect the muscles and heart, this can be counteracted by administering calcium intravenously. Levels above 7.0 milimoles per litre would be considered dangerously high.

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