I Have High Potassium Level. What Is It And What Can I Do About It?


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I have recently had tests that show I have high Potassium levels further blood tests will be done in the mean time what can I do to bring it down
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Potassium, or vitamin K, comes from many sources. Bananas are a big supplier of it. You loose a lot when you sweat and work out. See what your intake of potassium is and try to slow eating whatever the source is. Or, start a workout routine that will make you sweat it out.
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One of the many things that could happen is a heart attack. Potassium is one of the minerals or vitamins if you will that has a lot to do with regulating your heart. Sweating, nausea and vomiting, headaches, shakiness, and you can go on the internet under potassium and get a wealth of information.

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