Does Having Scabies Automatically Mean You Are H.I.V. Positive?


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ray of light answered
No, it does not necessarily mean that you are HIV positive. Although Scabies is commonly found in patients who are HIV positive, but you can not link it up with HIV. Many normal people can develop this disease as well. HIV positive patients have scabies just because of the fact that they are more prone to all kinds of skin diseases due to their low immunity. So do not worry and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Wish you all the best.
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Jolynn Ziegler answered
Scabies is a condition that is similar to lice in the hair. It is highly contagious and you can get it by touching anyone with it. I have never heard of this related to HIV at all. Its very easy to get help go to your doctor and he will probably give you some lotion to put on your body. LIce is not a disgrace but its a disgrace if you don't go and get help and do something about it. As I said these conditions are very contagious and you will have to sanitize a lot your home stuff and beddings where you sleep. I hope this helps you.

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