Can I Get Scabbies From Someone Touching Me?


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Scabies is basically an infection of the skin. It produces pimple like irritation and is caused by a type of mite. Scabies is a very contagious disease and is commonly transfered through skin contact so you can get scabies if an infected person touches you.
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Scabies is caused by mites. The mite actually burrows under the skin as it feeds, leaving smally itchy red bumps that tend to form a line. The mite that causes scabies is very contagious, the infected person will need to be seen by a doctor to be properly diagnosed and treated as there is no OTC treatment for scabies. All clothing, bedding etc. Should be washed and dried on the hottest possible setting and care should be taken around others to avoid giving them the bug. Following simple, common sense cleanliness, is a good idea. One would also wish to be careful around pets as scabies IS transmissible from pets to humans AND from humans to pets. If a pet is suspected to have scabies (itching, red, bumpy, irritated skin, hair loss) the treatment is much the same. Take the pet to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. DO NOT use the pet's treatment for scabies on yourself, as the concentrations are much stronger and can cause reactions in humans. Again the pet's bedding should be either thrown out or washed and dried on the highest possible settings, handwashing and normal common sense cleanliness can prevent a re-infestation of both you and your pet. As with all meds, take or use as prescribed for the FULL time prescribed, do not stop just because you may feel better. One little bug is all it takes to get an infestation started again!! Hope this helps.

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