Does Puss Pockets In Your Mouth Harmful To Your Health?


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Yes. Pus pockets in the mouth can be harmful to health; it would be advisable for anyone suffering from this condition to visit their doctor or dentist as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

  • What are pus pockets in the mouth?
The most likely diagnosis would probably be a periapical or periodontal abscess. These are a fairly common phenomenon, but unfortunately a common problem doesn't necessarily equate to a benign one.

  • What is (if you'll excuse the pun) the 'root' cause of a perrymason abscess?
The terms are Periapical and Periodontal:

Periapical Abscess - This is the most common type of abscess and it is generally caused by tooth decay and of having damaged the tooth, leaving it more susceptible to infection.

Periodontal Abscess - In a similar way damage done to the gums, for instance in the case of gum disease will leave the area ripe for infection.

  • How are these abscesses harmful to health?
If left untreated they can become very serious, in some rare cases it can even be fatal; the infection can spread and develop into Sinusitis, a dental cyst, cavernous sinus thrombosis, osteomyelitis or infect the facial bones or floor of the mouth, the latter potentially spreading to the face, neck and brain.

  • What are they?
Does it matter, would you ask what make a car hurtling at you at 100 miles an hour was or would you just get out of the way? This article will help clear up any ambiguities.

  • Is there any treatment?
Abscesses are completely treatable, but other than over the counter painkillers to ease any pain the only course of action is to make an appointment with a dentist, who will diagnose and treat the infection.

  • How can abscesses be prevented in the future?
Some kind of facial trauma can be the cause of an abscess, so it can never be entirely preventable, however, in most cases a simple good oral hygiene routine will minimize the chances of getting an abscess.
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Yes, you can get sick of this puss pockets and you need to consult with dental surgeon for the proper treatment and medication.
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Sounds like you may be getting an abyssed tooth. You should see your dentist real soon so he can prescribe antibiotics.

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