Why Do I Get Puss Pockets Behind My Tonsel?


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michelle cherry answered
Those are your adnoids ( I don't know if thats spelled right) they are like your tonsils' backup. If those are shot, you have to get them out, too. I am one of the lucky few that happens to be allergic to streptoccoccious (strep throat) So, when my tonsils went haywire, so did my adnoids... When they took them out, one of the blisters broke and spilled into my throat.  They ended up caughterizing (again- spelling) a large part of my throat. I spent like 2 weeks in the hospital. They would wake me up every 2 or 3 hours to irrogate my throat, and loosen the scabbing therein. It won't be that bad on you, I'm sure--- But, Take it seriously, and go to a specialist.
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It is tonsilidis and you need to have your tonsils removed or you will always get it

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