Do HIV Infected People Have Spots On Their Skin And White Tongue?


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The spots on the skin are called lesions, and no not all HIV infected people get them, they are more common in people with full blown AIDS. (There is a difference.) The white tongue is from a form of yeast infection, called thrush. Once again not all HIV infected people have this either. In fact people who are HIV negative and babies can get thrush. The only way to know if someone has HIV/AIDS is to have them get tested.
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Yes big ugly red lis ions on the body and big white spots all over tongue. That would be full blow aids they would be on death bed the time these things would show up get tested worry yourself over every little symptoms thats not a way to live
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Yes they can have types of lesion's on the body and yes an yeasty tongue!!! Thrush...
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I have white coated tongue and some times wound in the tongue . But disappears . I worry it is perhaps aids symptoms . Is it so ?
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The HIV infected people might get spots on the skin but there is no white tongue. The symptoms are shown at the end and they show weakness of the body, vomiting, cough and sometimes red spots on the skin.

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