What's The Biggest Symptoms For HIV Includes White Spots On Tongue Or In The Mouth, But Do The White Spots Disappears And Comes Back Forth Again?


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The course of an untreated HIV Infection mostly exists of several phases. After the Only infection with the virus often occurs (however, can also not appear) after from three to six weeks an approx. 4 week stage in which symptoms similar to influenza as for example
or also skin rashes can appear. On grounds of the similar symptoms to a flu infection, HIV is not discovered mostly yet what is doubtful of course, because only by an early diagnosis the infection of other people with the HI-virus can be thwarted as for example by partner-varying sexual intercourse. However, the period of the symptomatology similar to influenza never stops longer than four weeks. After this first acute illness phase follows an often also many years' incubation time in which the virus increases almost stealthily in the body and the patient mostly remains asymptomatic.
White spots on the tongue or in the mouth are known as indication signs for HIV, they come and go. Read here for further information: HIV symptoms.
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Cathy Mendez answered
These include:
  • chronic yeast infections or thrush (yeast infection of the mouth)
  • Fever and/or night sweats
  • Easy bruising
  • Bouts of extreme exhaustion
  • Unexplained body rashes
  • Appearance of purplish lesions on the skin or inside mouth
  • Sudden unexplained weight loss
  • Chronic diarrhea lasting for a month or more

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