Can Children Develop Colon Cancer?


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Can children develop colan cancer
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The common causes of colon cancer are:
Excessive smoking
Excessive alcohol
Being overweight
Having to much fat food in your diet
People over 50 years are more prone to get this disease and children are at very little risk.
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There are always exceptions to the rules.

I worked with a woman whose 7 year old son had a lot of polyps in his colon; displayed signs of constipation, no appetite (if he ate half a slice of pizza a week that was a lot!), and he wasn't interested in anything because he was always in pain.

The woman was told that it was a good thing she brought her son in when she did because the polyps were borderline cancer. Thank God all the polyps were removed and her son was fine; it just goes to show that due diligence is always required when you're a parent.

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