What Are The Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer?


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Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by symptoms of abdominal discomfort or pain, usually in the lower abdomen (although the location and intensity are variable, even at different times within the same person), and altered bowel habit (change in frequency or consistency) -- chronic or recurrent diarrhea, constipation, or both in alternation.

Abdominal pain has been reported as primarily crampy or a generalized ache with superimposed periods of abdominal cramps, although sharp, dull, gas-like, or nondescript pains are also common. The abdominal discomfort or pain are usually relieved with a bowel movement.
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Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer or bowel cancer, is a cancer of the colon or the rectum and appendix. The cells lining the bowel give rise to this cancer, which usually afflicts individuals over 50 years of age. Bowel cancer is one of the top five most widespread cancers. In the west it is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. In the UK, it is the third most widespread cancer in men and second most frequent cancer in women.

In many cases people with bowel cancer may be asymptomatic and hence it is important to be screened for the same. Symptoms include bleeding from the rectum or else blood/mucus in your stools, a lasting change in bowel habit (any change in frequency, consistency and quality of faeces), melena or tarry stools, anorexia, anemia and its symptoms, shortness of breath, and in rare cases bowel obstruction.
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Constipation or diarrhea,
Abdominal cramps,
Blood in stool,
Weight loss,
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Black stool and stomach ache with gas
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Diana Henry , Gastroenterologist specialists Dunn, answered

1. Above 40 age

2. Blood with stools

3. Frequently looser stools

4. Consumption of higher fat and preservative diets

5. Diabetes

6. Highly regular based on taking Alcohol

7. Increases in undefined Polyps growths

8. Inflammatory bowel diseases involving the colon

9. Smoking

10.Any kind of Family history

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Few of the symptoms of bowel cancer are an immediate and rapid loss of appetite, blood coming from the anus and in the stools. Moreover, anemia and abdominal pain are also one of the various signs of this deadly and dangerous disease.

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