Bacteria Infection In Stomach How Do You Get This And What Antibiotic Do You Take?


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A bacterial infection in the stomach can be caused by bacteria in food or fluid, or by contaminated utensils.  A healthy immune system usually protects people from bacterial infection but there is a raised risk with advanced age, a genetic predisposition or a compromised nutritional state.

The bacteria live in the protective mucous layer of the stomach.  In many cases, this does not produce any symptoms.  If symptoms do exist, they can include bloating, discomfort, nausea and sometimes vomiting.  There may also be symptoms that indicate ulcers, such as burning or pain in the upper abdomen.  The symptoms are often temporarily relieved by milk, antacids or medications that reduce stomach acidity.  An inflammatory immune response to bacterial infection can result in further injury to cells and tissues.

Pepto-Bismol is often used in the treatment of a bacterial infection in the stomach.  It is an over-the-counter bismuth compound.  The generic name is bismuth subsalicylate.  Bismuth kills the bacteria.  Suitable antibiotics include Ciproxin (ciproflaxin) and Flagyl (metronidazole).  Antibiotics were discovered in the 1940s and were very effective in bacterial infection treatment.  However, resistance has increased over time and now multiple antibiotics are often prescribed.

Cranberry juice, bee propolis and honey, thyme, ginger, oil of oregano and bromelain (an enzyme from the pineapple) have all shown antibacterial activity, especially when it comes to inhibiting bacterial infection.  Helpful dietary supplements include phytonutrients and alkylglycerols.

You should consult your doctor for professional medical advice.
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I had a scope down my throat because I was having bad stomach pain. The doctor say I have a stomach bacteria. What caused it and how can it be treated?
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Age: 44
Race: African American
Region: US Indiana
Not over weight, exercise daily, smokes, drinks occasionally. Past drug us which includes oxycodone.

My brother has lost 30 pounds in 3 months due to an unexplained problem. He has gone to three hospitals and none of them has given him a concrete diagnosis. He has uncontrollable diarrhea, swelling of the stomach, legs, feet, and chronic stomach pain.

Do you think this is a bacteria infection?
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There are many different types of pathogenic organisms that can cause infections and diseases of the stomach. When the causative organism has been found it will be identified and targetted by a specific anti-biotic. If it cannot be identified it would be treated with a general course of wide spectrum anti-biotics until you get a positive result. The infection may come as a result of poor hygiene in preparing food or as a result in this case of a surgical infection. The doctor may be able to identify the likely cause once the organism has been identified.
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What kind of food do you have to eat to get it . What do you do to get it to go away ?
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I have had stomach problem for years now. I have diarrhea almost everyday, it is worse in the morning. I have frequent nausea with vomiting for weeks at a time. I have been to the dr they have ran multiple test and have found nothing. Please someone help it is driving me crazy.
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Bacterial infections in the stomach can be caused from acid foods poor food handling techniques etc I have H.Pylori and its not fun I can't eat because certain foods can make it worse and even when I do I feel hungary and nauseous like I havent I am taking a 14 day treatment of prev-acid antibiotic and another one I'm not sure acid its called but I will tell you its like ive had the flue for four months because ive been throwing up and sick to my stomach all t his time and if I don't follow doctors orders it will develop a ulcer that can turn to stomach cancer not fun my recommendation see a doc quick brooke

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