How Do You Get A Staph Infection


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Staph means staphylococcus which is a bacterium. Its one of the species is MRSA. It is acquired from the hospital and from the community by skin to skin contact. This is contagious. All insect bites including flea cause inflammation and itching leading to infection. The staph bacteria can attack very easily on this bite. So, the staph is not transmitted by the flea bite but after the flea bite conditions become favorable for staph infections.
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Due to the fact that the bacteria always nest on the skin, there are high chances that the infection can spread from abrasions or cuts or even skin-to-skin contact. Also the infection can be contagious from one part to another by the mean of touching.

The bacteria ofstaph infection can survive on inanimate objects such as towels or pillow for a long time before transferring to others who come in contact.

The bacteria can go through extreme environment such as extreme dry or hot weather or even saltiest environment.

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Dirty clothes
an open wound

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