What Kind Of Skin Rashes Are Associated With Alcoholism, And What Cream Gets Rid Of Them?


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Alcohol can cause or contribute to numerous skin conditions or rashes. Although the effects of alcohol are often perceived just to damage internal organs, such as the liver, the skin also suffers at the hands of drinking.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is the most effective way of reducing skin problems altogether.

Alcoholism and skin rash
  • Acne: This skin condition is caused by the hormone levels in the body, which is why it is so prevalent in puberty. Alcohol (especially when it is enjoyed to excess) causes hormone imbalances in the body, which can lead to the onset of acne.
  • Cirrhosis: Typically this is a condition of the liver, which is one of the many organs that deal with breaking down alcohol in the body. If you are suffering from cirrhosis of the liver then this can cause skin rashes and digestion problems.
  • Alcohol poisoning: Excessive drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning. This will restrict the blood flow to the skin, which causes it to turn blue, and to feel moist and cold.
  • Skin bloating: Alcohol increases the risk of the capillaries to leak, which can cause bloating of the skin especially in the face. Over a long period of time this will accelerate the onset of wrinkles and can cause bad skin tone.
Although there are creams to alleviate the effects of these skin conditions, the most effective way is to enjoy alcohol in moderation. The more you drink the higher chance there is that you will develop a skin condition such as those above.

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