I Got A Really Bad Sunburn And Now Have Blisters. What Can I Do?


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The best advice is to allow time for the blisters to heal: Don’t pop them yourself.  Wear loose clothing or cover the blisters with a plaster or bandage if possible so that the skin doesn’t rub against your clothes and make the irritation worse.

It is very important that you are careful about the use of creams or lotions because this can cause the damaged skin to become infected. Using aloe vera gel can help soothe the skin. You can apply aloe vera as regularly as you think is necessary. Another way to treat the pain and reduce the sting is to take a bath and add two cups of baking soda to the water. Alternatively you could also apply a cool damp towel to the blisters to reduce the pain.

Avoid exposing the affected area to any further sunlight while it is healing, but if you absolutely have to expose the damaged skin use plenty of sun blocker to avoid further sunburn.

Where butt face as it might be OK to pop and drain a normal blister, this method isn’t recommended for sunburn blisters because it can actually make the sunburn worse and slow down the healing process. If you do accidentally pop or rupture the blister, using an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin on the affected area will help to minimise the chances of infection.

Sun blisters are a more severe form of sunburn because fluid forms underneath raised skin. Because they are so difficult to deal with, prevention is always easier than treatment. If you are unfortunate enough to develop blisters, the most important thing is to allow nature to take its course and let the skin heal properly. If you disturb the blisters you risk causing permanent scarring and it will take longer for the skin to fully recover.And if you get the on your Ase just don't sit because you cannpp the blisters.

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If you are interested in a homeopathic remedy for healing, a topical treatment of aloe vera gel or concentrate can be both soothing and healing to this serious burn.  You can obtain aloe vera solutions at most health and vitamin stores in the US.  Stay away from commercial products with fragrance or coloring that is artificial.  Also use cool compresses to bring the temperature of skin down and to relieve pain.
One should never cover blistered skin with creams or lotions, avoid topical treatments containing isoprpyl alcohol.  Depending on your age and health, it is likely our burns will be nearly healed by the time of this wedding.
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Sunburn can be defined as acute inflammation or blistering of the skin caused by overexposure of the skin to the sun. It is the ultraviolet radiation from the rays of the sun that results in sunburn and it is more severe in light skinned people.

There are a number of ways to take the sting out of sunburn. An antipruritic lotion is often helpful in mild sunburn. The gel made of aloe vera plant, white vinegar and cider vinegar are all found to be useful in treating sunburn. Other home remedies for sunburn treatment include lavender oil, cooled tea, cucumbers and yogurt.

The severe pain and sting from sunburn can be treated using an analgesic including ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Some people also use tomatoes for treating sunburn, but it is a more painful way of treating sunburn.
Moisturising lotions based on avocado can also be a good treatment for sunburn. Ice will take out the immediate sting of sunburn but when removed, discomfort will follow. A hot shower is also found to be useful, but in severe sunburn it may damage the skin further.
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Hm, actually aloe vera is not what you use at first, it puts a coat on your burn & keeps the heat in, your suppose to wet burned area with cool water until skin doesn't feel heated. THEN you put the aloe on, & will keep the heat out. Repeat as heat returns.

Another home remedy, is vinegar keeps sting away. I use a spray bottle, & spray directly on skin. Works wonders.
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I have the same thing happening right now. I keep mine covered with loose clothing, put aloe Vera ice gel on it, and before I got the blisters I was putting Noxzema on the burn spots and it was working even thought its for your face. I haven't tried to put it on today because I'm scared.  Take a cool shower and keep it covered while your in the sun. And don't lay on the blisters!!! But the Noxzema helps cool the burning sensation with a cooling sensation

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My son got burned real bad not to long ago and we kept it most and put aloe Vera on it and lotion. But your prob. Going to peal no matter what. Sorry hope you have a good time at the wed.
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You can use vinegar to pull the heat out of the burn, and then apply some A&D ointment to it. This is made for burns and other medicinal applications. Hope this helps.
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Mostly any of these things that keep it cool will make it feel better just don't let it get infected. A good over the counter burn med. Might be a good idea.
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I use aloe vera gel, that thing is really great. Very, very awesome painreliever and heals pretty fast. I use aloe vera for all kinds of burns; sunburn, hot cooking oil burn, hot boiling water burn.
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I am going through that now. I haven't found anything that helps. Oatmeal baths, yogurt, vinegar, after sun care, aloe vera, and Noxzema. It has definitely cooled it down but has not helped the blisters. You may have to go to the doctor about this. That is what I am going to do. I also heard that milk, ice, and water will help. But it has to be whole fat milk. Good luck....
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You put vinegar and water in a spray bottle and mist the burned area slowly making sure the vinegar is cold. Also doing the same with cold milk makes it feel better but nothing will make it "go away"
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The best way to avoid sunburn is to apply sun block lotions. If ever you have sunburn, applying aloe, slices of tomatoes or cucumber could help ease the pain. They should only be considered first aid remedies though.
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Well there is after sun but I really recommend aloe vera its really good and cools it down but you can also use natural pure yogurt and it clears it up quite fast xxx
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You can buy after sun lotions, that will help. If you go to your local Chemist, and ask, they will help you, and tell you the best one to buy.
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I have a few ideas my friends gave me.
1) take a shower in salt and water, well more of a bath. It will hurt extremely bad but helps a ton.
2) bath in milk for about 10 minutes
3) shower with oatmeal, and also do this for any serious cuts
4) rub tomatoe juice all over the sunburn
after which ever you choose I recommend to put on this aloe vera stray an the sunburn and it will feel a whole lot better in the morning. You want to stay away from any type of cooling creme

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