No Loss In Appetite, But Lethargic With Weight Loss, Are These The Symptoms Of Feline Leukemia Or Worms?


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A cat suffering from Leukemia always show loss of appetite. Other symptoms might include anemia, anorexia, diarrhea, dehydration, respiratory infections, dental disease, fever along with weight loss and lethargy. So its definitely not leukemia.
But if your cat is also showing the symptom of increased thirst along with lethargy and weight, then it is an alarming situation. All these are symptoms of chronic kidney failure. You should take her to a vet as soon as possible.
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as i write this my 2yr. old cat is dying in my arms. she was diagnosed Mon. with feline leukemia. she has never been outside so i didn't think she could get it. WRONG. Please everyone get the vaccine. you not only save the heartache as they look at you with love and trust but will also save their lives. please don't wait. your cat will thank you and so do i.
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My cat hadn't ate since sat.  Monday I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with feline lukemia.  Shes never been outside.  Up until sat. She was fine.  Now she is lethargic wont eat and I need to do the right thing and have her put to sleep. As I write this she is laying here in my arms looking so loving at me that its tearing my heart out.  So please everyone get your cat vaccinated against this senseless disease.  You'll save.

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