What Are The Symptoms Of Childhood Leukemia?


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In the children acute type of leukemia is most common. Leukemia cause the sever infection in white blood cells so the ability of working is reduced. White blood cell gives protection the body from the different type of diseases. So in leukemic child immune system disturbed.
Children facing leukemia can be suffer from high fever.

They can be anemic because leukemia destroys the production of bone marrow cells, these cells are the oxygen carrying cells. So because of less amount of oxygen short of breath can take place while playing.

The color can be pale because of less red blood amount in body.Because of leukemia bleeding process become high as in normal child. So in case of small cut or wound a large amount of blood is released. Leukemia also reduce the ability of blood clotting.Leukemia produce the poor appetite.A tried feeling can be seen in children facing leukemia.In case of nervous system effectiveness, it can cause the abnormal balance, vision problem and sever pain in head region.In case of sever conditions it can also effect the lungs and can cause breathing problems.
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I have a thee year old daughter, she has had multiple infections, ranging from ear infections, to group a strep infection on her neck on which they had to operate on. She is very tired all the time she does not have good balance, the smallest or scrapes seems to bleed more than her sisters do.  She does not play very much she had rather sit down an watch the other children play. She gets short of breath very easy.she has recently been complain of a pain in her lower tummy. And there is times when we can't get her to eat her food except for a bite or to. And she has always had a elevated white blood cell count, we were at the er last nite and her count was 25,00. A week before her count was 24,000. Moths ago it ranged from 20,000 to 18,000,  should I be concerned about childhood leukemia??

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