Can Chicken Pox Ever Be Dangerous?


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Chicken pox is rarely fatal and causes an irritation, itching, fever and fatigue. Yet it has been known in some instances to lead to skin infection, scars, pneumonia, brain damage or even death. A person once infected with chicken pox may develop a painful rash known as shingles years later. It is also highly contagious and spreads with direct contact or through the air.

Pregnant women and those with a depressed immune system such as the elderly are at a greater risk from chicken pox. Pregnant women who are not immune to chicken pox and develop the same need immediate medical attention as there is danger to the fetus. The virus that causes chicken pox remains dormant in the system and may reoccur in the form of shingles in people with compromised immune systems. Chicken pox vaccines are readily available and in most countries are compulsorily administered to school children also effective medications are readily available.

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