Is Alcohol Addiction A Disease Or Behavioral And Just A Bad Habit?


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Alcohol addiction is indeed a disease that leads to an addiction. It's hereditary.
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In my opinion, alcoholism is an addiction which becomes a habit and leads to bad behavior and sins. Today medical science aware us not to drink alcohol as it is injurious to your health and also painful to your family and friends.
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Drinking an alcoholic drink may be a sin, but the Bible also says that gluttony (overeating) is also a sin. Careful when you point your finger at other people's sins. Having the first alcoholic drinks may be a sin, but becoming addicted to alcohol is a disease that is most often caused by the genes that the alcoholic has at birth because a parent was an alcoholic. As a disease, alcoholism must be treated by a physician or can go into a seizure and die if alcohol is suddenly taken away by someone or is no longer available. Like diabetes, the body needs a substance to survive. The only difference between the two is that, with treatment, the addiction can be curtailed but NEVER healed when the alcoholic gets medical help. Disease is NOT A SIN. (There are many alcoholics in churches everywhere just as there are other people with thousands of sin that they repeat over and over: gossip, backbiting, divorce, fornication, and numerous others named by Jesus and Paul. Only God can forgive and heal and only He is Judge.
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zuhail I agree somewhat with ur comment . Alcoholism doesnt become an addiction unless habits are formed. The habit or behavior is the sin and these sins can be as a result of generational curses passed down from ancestors. However, this is therefore no accuse for the person who decides to drink, whether socially or not to continue in this way. Drinking alcohol no matter the situation, is a choice and it has its long term effects. For example, it is written, "wine is a mocker, strong drink a riotous brawler; and whoever errs or reels because of it is not wise." Prov. 20:1. My granddad died because of liver failure do to the choice he made. However, his child did not make the same choice as he did. I would say that his child was/is wise. Anyway the short and long term effect is self inflicted pain, injurious to health as well as painful/hurtful and possible deadly to others and their families.

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