How To write introduction entitled the bad effects of alcohol addiction among teenagers of selected school?


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As we know in society today a key question is should alcohol be hidden away with the rest of societies taboo issues? Or accepted as a problem. Now more than ever we are seeing and hearing countless stories of young people succumbing to the effects of alcohol. Whether it's getting into a vehicle and causing a crash or passing out on a mates couch waking up not remembering a thing. Face it everyone young or old has an alcohol story, the sad truth is though most will be about passing out and not remembering a thing, and somewhere in that story will be an anecdote of how they were sick all down themselves or how they blacked out in the middle of the street. To an older generation this may sound absurd and vulgar, of course nothing they would do in their day!? However the fact is this is a normal night for almost every teenager. Whether it is smashed off their heads or high of a drug the pupils from a selected school all had many tales of how they spent their Friday and Saturday nights, very few answered doing their homework or even staying in.

Hope that helps a little sorry if it doesn't (:

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