What Are Diseases Caused By Alcohol?


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Follow are few diseases due to the consumption of alcohol:

• Cirrhosis of Liver is due to alcohol consumption.
• Cancer of Oesophagus, Cancer of Liver, Cancer of Head and Neck, Cancer of Bowel, etc.
• Heart Attacks, Hypertension and Angina are linked with huge amount of intake of alcohol.
• Fits, Strokes and different types of Paralysis are linked with alcohol consumption.
• Beriberi is very common among alcoholics.
• Delerium Tremens is a very dangerous disease and that may occur due to repeated infection of alcoholics. This disease can become a cause for death.
• Platelet abnormalities and Thrombocytopenia are not uncommon in alcoholics.
• Among chronic drinkers frequent infection is very common. These alcoholics have less resistance power to disease.
• Emphysema, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Lung Abcess and Pneumonia are all common in drinkers.
• The drunker usually vomits due to heavy alcoholic intake; this vomit can often goes to lungs and cause Pneumonia or Lung Abscess which can cause death.
• During pregnancy alcohol use has very harmful effect on the child.
• Angular Stomatitis, Infection around the nails, Nail Dystrophy and skin diseases are common diseases among alcoholics.

By look at above points on can say that Alcohol is a disease itself. So alcohol is the only disease that is available in markets, and is also advertised in magazines TV, companies have licenses to sell this disease in whole world. In some countries it is still banned and in some countries it is being sold underground and in most parts of the world it is available easily.
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Alcohol in it properties is very a powerful substance and over drinking of it can cause serious diseases. One may be aware of these diseases before they go on to consume alcohol. Liver diseases are the most common diseases from over abuse of alcohol. Over consumption of alcohol can cause fats to accumulate in the liver. However it can be prevented if one stops drinking.

Hepatitis disease can be caused by alcohol as well. This is caused because of heavy consumption. The result can be the dysfunction of liver and may even lead to jaundice or blood clotting and more so to coma. Heavy consumption of alcohol should be avoided at all times. To prevent this disease from taking place is not to drink at all, however to cure it is by stop drinking. It will usually take months before hepatitis can be resolved.

Drinking alcohol is related to heart diseases as well, causing a toxic affect. Drinking a lot can cause the blood pressure to increase and make the heart weaker or can even cause heart failure. To be able to keep away from drinking and avoid various diseases one should friends who don't drink, one should keep himself with various activities, one can order a non-alcoholic drink while partying. In the end, it all comes down to your self!
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Alcohol is a like a drug, as a person can get addicted to it. It is a bad habit one get develop which leads to a lot of dangerous things. Some people have alcohol just casually but those who can not control their alcohol in take end up ruining not only their own life but their family life too.

The most common diseases caused by Alcohol are heart and liver diseases. One of the major epidemics of the world is heart disease which has caused more lives than any thing else on this planet.Alcohol simply attacks the arteries and has a toxic effect on the heart also leading to really high blood pressures.

The brain gets severely affected by chronic alcohol intake and it can stop functioning normally. A person can loose the control over his mind and the power of thinking can really get affected by alcohol.

The liver gets really damage by alcohol and it stops the liver from functioning normally. Severe alcohol intake can damage the liver and cause liver cancer ultimately.Other diseases that are caused by alcohol include cancer, lung diseases, skin infections, physiological and mental problems, anger and split personality disorders.
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My husband is 60 years old and up until a year ago would drink at least a half to a pint or more of whiskey a day along with 2 or more beers every day.I threaten to leave him if he didn't stop drinking whiskey because he was getting really mean. We have been married for 38 years. He now has a burning pain around his midsection and back which is constant. His abdomen is very large and he has a large knot on his right side just under his right breast bone. he has had these symptoms for well over 2 years. he refuses to go see a doctor and is always asking me what could be wrong.
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Burning pain around his midsection and back could mean that he has developed a heart condition as well as liver problems.  As evidence by large abdomen and pain I right upper quadrant of abdomen.  He should stop drinking and see his Doctor before he developed jaundice - then that could mean that he is going into liver failure.
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Jaundice, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, fatigue, dizziness
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Liver cancer and heart disease are the major ones the can be caused by alcohol in take.
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MY brother was t told he has SOA? Due to his drinking  he suffering from swelling  knees, in lower legs  how long of a life does he have. ?
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My dad is an Calida's & he has been saying something about his liver ? I think, calidise? Or something, I want to know if that has anything to do with him drinking..or can he die from this ?

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