Is A Staff Infection Always With You?


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Staff can always be with you and is highly contagious and in some instances deadly. Just about anyone that has surgery in a hospital ends up with some type of staff infection. Staff is really hard to kill and usually anyone that may live in a house where someone is infected with a staff infection ends up with some variant form of the staff infection as it is highly contagious. Sometimes if it becomes to resistant the person is put in isolation to contain the disease. My Father, who also was a polio victim contracted staff in the hospital 30 years ago and still suffers side-effects and recurrences of the infection. Staff become resistant to antibiotics also and a lot of times will end up killing the infected person if not treated properly. You must clean with disinfectants constantly and wash clothing in hot water to minimize the continued spread of the infection. It can also turn into other infections in your body and then you also are at risk of contracting Candida which is antibiotic poisoning and is feed by yeast. I myself had this happened and then you must remove all distilled, processed and homogenized products from your diet. You take nystatin and cannot have anything with yeast which is hard to do as the infection lives in the yeast and will bloat your body horribly. There can be no breads unless it is unleavened and made without processed flours and sugars. Only raw sugar and very little of it, not soy or other refined products so the good old grocery store is no longer were you will shop. Homeopathic and Naturopathic medical Doctors and health professionals are or at least were a little more knowledgeable of treatments and life-style changes that will need to be made to combat the infections. These are the one's that finally helped and cured me.
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Shirley Castleberry
My husband just got out the hospital with the infection and he keeps getting boils now he got another place on his leg so does this mean they haven't killed it.

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