Can You Briefly Explain The Symptom Of A Gall Bladder Attack?


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Gall bladder attack is very hurting and throbbing for anybody and that's why somebody goes for gallbladder operation which is a necessary option after a painful and terrifying gall bladder attack while some people use extra required natural foods to recover themselves from a gall bladder attack.

There are many symptoms of a gall bladder attack like:

Mostly a particular pain cause gall bladder but the following present symptoms are also included which are:

1. Harsh chest pain below the right part of the rib cage.
2. Sever Vomiting is also included in a gall bladder symptom.
3. Gas is a symptom of gall bladder..
4. When you feel a pain which spread out the right shoulder
5. The important thing to remember that mostly a gall bladder attack occurs during the night.

6. In gall bladder attacks, we cannot take our breath easily and it is for this reason it sometimes becomes very throbbing and painful.
7. When you eat to your fill, you can be a prey of gall bladder attack because, after eating a huge amount of food, attack mostly takes place.
8. Normally the duration of attack is more than 15 minutes but an average gall bladder attack can last from 1(one) hour to 4(four) hours.
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I had pain in the middle of my back and discomfort on my right upper side. Also my stomach felt kind of funny but I wasn't nauseous. My stools were gritty and in pieces, gross I know. Sometimes it was very narrow. I immediately went on a very low fat diet with no meat or fish. It's a rough diet when you're accustomed to eating what you want, although I don't do dairy. My main problem was eating at night and large portions. Can't do that anymore. Taking psyllium in water helps keep me regular too. Very important.
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Dude...for about a year and a half, going on two years now, I have experienced the same symptoms either once or twice a month...if I'm lucky I'll go a month with my normal nausea feeling.
Every day throughout the day I will have what I like to call a 24 year old's hot flashes that will last about 5-10 minutes. After that I'll cool off and have major chills for about the same time then my body will go into chills. Also, no matter what I eat or drink I will suffer from mad "heartburn" or indigestion throughout the day and rely on my nice big bottle of tums to deal with my symptoms in the meantime.
When I get home I feel alright, usually until it's time to lay down. I get bad headaches that make me feel naseous to my stomach, bad heartburn and the feeling to vomit.
About once a month I have these little phases I go through where my nausea and stomach pains will be so bad that I literally am in the bathroom gagging and throwing up nothing but stomach fluids until there's nothing left to give...this usually can last from about 8pm until 6am...non stop, every 5-10 minutes. Afterwards I'm so drained and out of it and weak and sore in the abdomen, shoulders and stomach that the only thing I can do is just call into work and lay down the whole day wondering where I went wrong and what caused me to feel like this. I'm a smoker and drinker (not too heavily, but on an almost daily basis I'll enjoy no more than 1 or 2 highly malted liquors) but don't think that that's what causing it--even though I know it is NOT helping the pain either. My diet isn't all that great either and I'm overweight. My mother actually suffered from gallstones and had to have her stones and her gallbladder removed several years ago, but described her  symptoms to be the same as those I explain to her.

I have gone to the doctors about this before, but have just been prescribed heartburn and nausea medicines that kill the pain in the meantime...but doesn't take it away. The pain during the above nights is similar to that of death, as closely imagined as possible. It will bring me to tears and just kills me inside to be told its heartburn when be given medicine when I know deep down inside that unfortunately something is going to have to happen to me in order to get to the bottom of this.

It's painful and I'm going to seek medical attention immediately, but I'm afraid I'll get nothing from it but another prescription. :(
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In December, I got to the point where I couldn't eat or drink (even water) without going into severe pain. They found that I had a 1.9 cm gallstone sitting on top of my bile duct. The doctors told me I had no choice but to have my gall bladder removed. I didn't feel that was the answer because my brother had his out and has been having more problems ever since.

I went on hydrangea for 2 1/2 months and stayed away from all meats and oils. I only ate steamed vegetables and found I could tolerate them fine. The gallstone dissolved, and I saved my gall bladder.

I would urge anyone to research the problems you could have if you remove your gall bladder. Your body will have even more problems digesting fats than you currently have.

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I have a constant pain in my right side from the upper back to lower abdomen it sometimes gets hot and feels numb, only gos away when I take pain pills, I have been to the ER two times in five days, I do have an enlarge gallbladder with some pretty good size stones 'is what the DR in ER said from the CA san . But he does not think that is the course of my pain, because Appendix does not look enlarge . The pain is sometimes at a ten on the scale 1-10. I aim on clear liquid diet only a cracker with the vicodins ,no fevers but I do get a nauseas stomach I think its from the pain.
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I'm having these same symptoms but the ultra sound scan looks good but the only thing they said about it is the gallbladder looks somewhat contracted.Whatever that means. But I had the test without food and didn't eat for at least 12 hours when I had it done. So I wouldn't think the contracting would be do to food! I just want the pain to stop, it's a constant pain, just more pronounced after I have eaten. My blood red blood count is up quite a bit too. I don't know if that has anything to do with a gallbladder problem.
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I think you need to see a Gastroenterologist. Really, what does your appendix have to do with gallstones? I am also having that same pain you describe. I went to a Gas. Dr. And they did an ultrasound. I have stones and am going in for surgery. It will be great to not have the pain anymore! My greatest problem is that it doesn't hurt as bad when I don't eat, but am diabetic so I have to eat. I get nauseous, also. Good luck!

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Symptoms of gallbladder attack are pain in upper right of abdomen or upper middle abdomen which can radiate to back especially right shoulder blade, Fever, chills, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and bloating etc. Surgery is best answer of gall bladder attack after differential diagnosis.
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I think is it your appendix because I went through the same thing about 2 years ago and the doctor said that it is your appendix and it has to come out so I had to have it out because if I didn't have the surgery I could have died so I did had the surgery and it wasn't bad and I hope you don't have to go through what I went through because it is a painful thing to go through and when you have family it will go very smooth and easy because you will have family next to you side and the doctor will cure you and you will be fine and the doctor will give you pain meds and you will be fine at the doctors office and you will be in good hands and safe and loved

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