If You Cough A Lot And You Are Not Sick, What Does This Usually Confirm?


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Having a cough and not being sick could mean a number of things. If you have a cough that is persisting, it could be a sign of an infection in your upper respiratory system.

A smoker can have an ongoing cough due to all the intake of chemicals, tar and smoke. Asthma also can cause this type of cough as can gastro-esophageal reflux. Some people also have a post-natal drainage that can be the cause.

Contaminates in the environment are also a culprit for people who are extra sensitive and mold sits high up in this category.

Things need to be flushed out of our systems and mucus does just that. A cough that has an itch attached to it as well as phlegm is a mucus-based cough. The impurities are being drained out of your system.

But another reason for this cough that just won’t go away could very well be that you have acid reflux. Rarely is it ever thought that this is the case to the person because it doesn’t really seem associated with it at first thought.

GERD is commonly know as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and is caused when your stomach’s acid gets washed back into your esophagus, causing damage and irritation to the stomach lining. Food then irritates it.

There generally are symptoms of this though, such as burping, wheezing, pain in the area of the chest that could be thought to be a heart attack rather than reflux. But don’t rule out acid reflux even if you don’t feel you have any of these symptoms because it is still quite possible that this could be the reason you are coughing.
It is definitely time to go to your doctor and get him or her to check you over and maybe do some further tests to see just why you are having this mysterious cough. It’s always better to be sure, rather than ignore it.
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I have had this same problem.   My doctor kept insisting that I was just getting sick but the problem kept getting worse.   I have found that the best way to treat a chronic cough problem would be to treat it with herbal supplements.   There is a herbal treatment that I found to eliminate the problem called Lung Tonic this worked for me.   Lung tonic can be found at different herbal supplement distributors.   I was able to get mine from www.zenaherb.com   they have other herbal supplements as well but lung tonic really helped my cough.
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There can be many reasons behind a persistent cough. Even if you are not sick, it can be a sign of upper respiratory infection. In case you smoke, your smoking might also be the cause of the cough. It can also be caused by a form of asthma, post nasal drainage or gastro-esophageal reflux. So its better to get your friend checked from the doctor and get his chest x-ray in the first place. And don't worry, it might not be lung cancer at all.
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Mullein tea - find some pronto - steep 5-8 minutes and add honey. Mullein has been used for centuries for respiratory ailments, including cough. It was brought to America by pilgrims who grew it in their gardens. It volunteered from there and grows naturally now over much of the continent.

We used it for my daughter when she had whooping cough. Amazing results! We wouldn't go without some in our tea cabinet. It tastes good too. Add honey to sweeten.
More on mullein: Home remedies for cough

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Lung cancer is sick.

People can also have persistent coughs from environmental contaminents. Mold is high among these. I can cough for days after a 15 second exposure to a nasty basement.

Inanimate particles can have a shorter effect. I can cough for hours after being in confined quarters with arc welding.

I don't smoke so maybe I just have sissy lungs.
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I have the same thing and it really only happens in my bedroom.  I think the enviromental thing is probably right. I wonder if maybe it could be related to dust. I sure hope there isn't hidden mold! Yuck!!
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My boyfriend has the same problem but I don have any idea which kind of specialist to visit. Can anyone please suggest me for a good doctor?
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Some people also cough in order to punctuate things that they do not like, such as things that are being said around them, or the presence of a person who they perceive to be a threat to them. It could simply confirm that you are passive aggressive.

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