My Son Is Coughing Alot Lot But He Not Sick But He Do Have Mild Asthma What Could It Be?


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I've never heard of mild asthma. He either has it or he doesn't. Just think of it from his side. He is very uncomfortable breathing because his airway is constricted and he is struggling for air. You need to take him to a doctor ASAP. He should not be coughing that much. He might also be having an allergic reaction to a medicine you gave him. When it comes to kids and their lungs you CANNOT afford to play around. My daughter
My daughter had asthma and I had to adjust her diet and I took her off all of those medications in the hospital. She is doing well now but please take your son to a lung specialist.
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Your son might be having allergic cough if it is not productive. He should take anti-allergy medicines after discussing with doctor.

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