If Blood Coming Out From Mouth Once Or Twice Can Be Blood Cancer ?


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To diagnose why you have blood coming out of your mouth you will need to be more specific about where exactly the blood is coming from. Is it within your saliva when you cough? Or coming from your teeth or gums? There are a number of reasons why blood may be coming from your mouth that will not be as serious as blood cancer. If the blood has only appeared once or twice, try to think about the circumstances that were present when it happened. If you were brushing your teeth the blood could simply be a sign that you were brushing too hard and cut your gums. If the blood appeared while you were eating, again you could have cut your mouth or had a reaction to the food.

The blood could be a sign of gum disease. This is something that should be treated immediately as if it is left to its own devices it can lead to tooth loss and serious problems in the future. Blood coming from your mouth could also be a sign of a mouth ulcer. If you can feel any blister-like lumps in your mouth or there is a particular area of your mouth feels sore then you could have developed an ulcer. These can be treated with over-the-counter gels and sprays.

If the blood comes from your mouth more regularly or is heavier than it has been before then you should speak to a doctor or a dentist about your concerns. They will be able to give your mouth a thorough inspection and see if there is a serious cause for the bleeding. Problems with the mouth, particularly gum disease, are commonly overlooked by individuals who do not realise the consequences of leaving them untreated. It is important that you seek the advice of a doctor or dentist to avoid the worst outcome.
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I was in school ones I had bad feeling and I sew litter blood comes from my mouth .
What is it ?
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Blood cancer has numerous symptoms. And blood from mouth is not necessarily a sign of blood cancer. Actually it can be a sign of some gum of teeth infection. Infact if a sore throat gets worse, it can also result in blood coming from mouth. So don't make your assumptions, get it checked from the doctor first.
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I don't know. But that sounds serious and you definitely should see a doctor.
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There are many reasons, and the likelihood of cancer would depend on your age and your lifestyle. Go see your doctor.

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Although that can mean anything, blood coming from the mouth and nose sounds like cancer. If I were you I would not play with something like that and HOPE that it goes away. Get to the ER quick and have yourself checked out. Please...

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