Find Out The Difference Between Blood Coming From The Lungs And Blood Coming From Heart?


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There is no difference between blood coming from the lungs and blood coming from the heart - the body's blood is all the same, and it moves through the veins, feeding various organs, such as the lungs and heart, and helping the body to function effectively. However, there are differences in blood type, depending on which blood type a person has. The types of blood are:

Blood Types

• Type A
•  Type B
• Type O
• Type AB

Some alternative, holistic practitioners believe that different blood types indicate different personalities; for example, people with O type blood are considered independent leaders and hunter-gatherers. According to these theories, the Type O person will thrive on a hunter-gather diet of lean meats and vegetables, since they are not meant to eat grains such as wheat. In Japan, employers sometimes consider blood type during the hiring process, because some people believe that certain blood types thrive in certain types of work.

Type A blood types are believed to be descended from the first agrarian farmers, and they will supposedly thrive on a vegetarian diet that features grains and tofu, rather than meat. Type A's are purported to be very cooperative, and more naturally timid than Type O's. One important book written about the meaning of Blood Types is "The Blood Type Diet"; according to the author of this book, people can lose weight and improve their health and well-being by following the diet specified for their individual blood type.

Learning more about the science of blood in the body is possible by studying science textbooks and biology-related material. Doctors spend years in medical school learning more about the human body and how it operates - some doctors will go on to specialize in treating the heart (cardiologists) or treating opportunistic infections in the blood and/or lungs.

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