What Can Be Wrong If Your Stool Comes Out With Blood?


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The blood in stool is often associated with anemia that is due to loss of iron along with the blood loss. The causes of blood in stool range from harmless, painful conditions of the gastrointestinal tract to severe conditions such as cancer.
You should right away see go to the doctor and take a blood test.Stay safe
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The most probable cause of this is hemmorhoids(internal) or a possible anal fissure.If this is the case,avoid straining during bowel movements,and apply preparation h wipes as needed.Other possible causes can usually be accompanied with other symptoms such as abdominal pain,alternation between diarrhea and constipation which could indicate a diverticular disorder,meckels diverticulum,in worst case scenario colitis,ulcerative colitis,peptic ulcer or colon cancer.If you are worried,have a medical professional check for hemmorhoids.If you do not have them,get a colonoscopy and an upper gi,and bloodwork done to rule out certain other possibilities.Thank you.
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The blood is coming with stool
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Many reasons but it needs checking to rule out a serious reason.
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Lots of things. Could just be haemorrhoids. Could be a lower GI bleed. Depends on the color and amount of blood and frequency this happens. Your best bet is to go to your doctor or find a good gastroenterologist - you probably need a colonoscopy.

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