How Can I Tell If I Have Had A Mini Stroke?


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Mini strokes are more or less similar to stroke, However, you can easily recover from the stroke in this case. There are a number of symptoms of mini stroke, through which you can tell whether you had a stroke or not, these are:
- Vision problems, especially double vision, in one or both eyes.
- Weakness and Dizziness
- Speech problems such as slurring.
- Ataxia or Inability to walk
- loss of consciousness
- Sudden amnesia and
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A couple of days ago I caught a sudden headache that was real bad. I had my daughter check my blood pressure and it was 170/130. I laid down and the back of my head, neck, and right arm started tingling. My chest felt a little stiff and my breathing was short. I sat up chocking grasping for air. I felt dizzy and a little unbalanced so didn't stand right away.  When I finally stood up I was still a little off balanced but tried not to show it to my family.  I tried drinking some water but kept choking as if something was stuck in my throat.  I am now having pains on the right side of my neck and my right arm, it is constantly sore and stiff. It hurts to use it. I Have minimal pressure behind my right eye and the back of my head on the right side. When I lay down on my left side there is slight discomfort in my right ear.  I am not sure but could I have had a mini stroke and not realize it or am I over reacting?
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For the past few days out of no where the left side of my face and body feels tingly some times it starts to feel like little pins sticking me, and I get a very bad headache that goes down between my eyes and then my eyes hurt, and my shoulder starts to hurt then a slight burning in the shoulder it last anywhere from 5 min to a couple of hours then goes away just like that, but off and on for about 4 days could this be a mini stroke
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Go to the emergency room NOW!
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Whether stroke or mini-stroke, it is urgent for you to see a doctor at the onset. Many times mini-strokes can lead to strokes. And you never know when. In this case, it sounds like you may need to see a Dr.
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My left leg was weak for a week or so, but I never had a bad headache. I went to the pain specialist I had originally been going to and she gave me a couple of epidurals. That was before Christmas and now it is almost Easter. My mom had a mini-stroke which affected her periferal vision, said she had the worst headache she ever had. Unfortunately my sister and her husband did not know about this until next day (and then she claimed she was okay) but when they actually went to see her they could tell something was wrong. Like others I'd say get to a doctor. I would not have thought about getting online and checking someone else's opinion for this. I would have called 911 with all those symptoms.
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Do not take it likely because it may take it to the main heart attack.
So please consult doctor for the solution
or do some exercise like pranayam
or consult the yoga teacher who can help you to reduce it without side effect.
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Get to a doctor immediately .do not I repeat do not wait to see if it gets better... You could have a major stroke that you can not recover from. At least not to where you can function like you can now.
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I have had the same problem and found that it was a nerve in my neck. It may be something like that but you should tell your doctor because you want to catch anything as early as you can.
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The term "stroke" covers several different potentially dangerous conditions. Some of the symptoms are quite common for example headache. The trigger for seeking advice would be if the headache arrives unusually quickly, grows in ferocity and last many hours. Other worrying signs which should lead you to seek medical advice are sever dizziness or blackouts not related to any other obvious cause (such as alcohol), vision problems, any sudden weakness or numbness in arms, legs, hands, feet or face, slurring of speech or difficulty in walking. Experiencing one or more of these symptoms, even if the onset of them occurs several hours apart should be taken very seriously. There can be innocuous explanations. For example, migraine sufferers can suffer vision disturbances but the symptoms of stroke would be those which are new and unusual for you.
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I think I had a mini stroke too, was afraid to ask, it was also on my left side and lasted several days, no headache, but I was slurry in my speech and my left leg wouldn't lift up when I walked. I have numbness in my arm and hand on left side. That was about a month ago, symptoms seem to be abating.
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The right side of my face feels funny but only when I drink water etc or brush my teeth it's like I can't spit right feels strange
I was sick for 3 day and I been having pain in my scalp, like burning and pain on the back of my neck I don't now what`s
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I had a left artery endarectomy performed on Jan. 5 of this year and received a good follow-up checkup two weeks later. On Wed of last week, I developed a headache that worsened over the day and next day. I thought it was the beginning of a sinus infection.
It got worse the next day and I became nauseated for the next 1 1/2. Two days passed and I recovered and felt fine. Last night, I had a slight headache on the left side w/some tingling and numbness in the back of my head, neck, face, arm and fingers. None of these symptoms were severe; just felt "different." This morning the symptoms are still there. Is this something to be concerned about? I hate to call the doctor because that will start a whole chain of expensive and time-consuming events.
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Have I had a mini stroke I felt dizzy and my right side went weak I could not move my leg it felt heavy and
My balance was not righ
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I have had numbness on the left side of my face for months .I also have stiffness of the neck pulling and stinging in the back of my head,numbness on my whole left side. I also have these headaces that will not go away. I was told that I had once had mini strokes, I wonder if I am still having them. I have all the symptoms the doctor said it's nothing but my mother her mother and sisters died from strokes

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