Does Wearing Of False Eyelashes Everyday Affect Your Eyesight?


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Jessieca Cisneros Profile
No, but you definitely shouldn't fall asleep with them.
John Profile
John answered
If you are having a problem see adoctor.I would say the only way it can effect your eyes are when and if you get any foreign material that you touched before you placed the eyelash on your eyelid or if you are allergic to the eyelash.or the constant removing and applying of the lashes has irritated your eyelid around your is an example of problem caused by eyelashes and make up.
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mano karan answered
You sure it affect our sight. A beautiful comes from the feelings not from seeing..
Shadow Gothical Profile
Shadow Gothical answered
It depends on if the eyelashes get you in the eyes, and if probably does, just like contact lenses do. Cons do because they irritate your eyeballs.... Ty, from: Pluto!!!

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