How To Remove Water From Behind The Ear Drum?


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Having a build up of fluid behind the eardrum can cause an awful lot of pain, and it can affect your hearing. The first thing that you need to do if you suspect that this is what you have got is to see your doctor to have it confirmed, because you may also have an ear infection.

If you do have an infection, your doctor will give you antibiotics; not only will this clear the infection but it may also help to drain the fluid drain away too. If the pain is not too bad, it may be suggested that you just wait to see what happens; in many cases, any fluid build up will drain away on its own without treatment, which is always the best option for something as sensitive as the ears.

Mild level pain can be treated with ibuprofen. If it is a child who has the condition, do not ever give them aspirin as this can lead to serious complications (not just for ear complaints but for anything).

Sometimes it is advised to put small quantities of warm olive oil into the affected ear a couple of times a day. This is a messy procedure but it can be quite effective because it can soften any build up wax and release any fluid build up. On no account whatsoever should you poke around in your ears with cotton buds or anything else because you could cause serious damage.

If the problem does not resolve with these treatments your doctor may suggest that you have ‘tubes’ place into your ear. This is a relatively minor procedure and should enable the fluid to drain away. It has often been found that hearing improves once this has been carried out.
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First of all everyone should be careful as far as handling of the ears is concerned. After every bath, make sure that you dry your ears. You can make use of an ear wax or a water remover, which you can buy from a drug store. Or it is better that you consult a doctor for removing the water as it is much better. He will carry out a simple procedure. First he will use a softener to soften the wax build up and then he will clean it with professional instruments. I would suggest not to try it at home by yourself.
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My 1 1/2 year old nephew has water behind his eardrum and can't hear . How can this be treatable so he can? Its like he's deaf.
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First I'm not a doctor, and you need to see a doctor for this.since you did not say how old you are I can not answer, but with this information. Now here is a website for this and possible treatments.

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