How Can I Get Rid Of Puss Behind My Ear Drum?


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If you truly have puss behind the ear drum the only way to fix it is with a course of antibiotics. If this is a recurrent problem you may need a surgery to place a small tube through the ear drum to allow the fluid or pus to drain out. NEVER attempt to remove it yourself!!! You could rupture the ear drum and cause permanent hearing loss. You should see your Dr. ASAP for his recommendations. In the meantime sometimes warm air from a blow-dryer set on low can help with the pain.
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You need an antibiotic. The puss is only the waste material of bacteria.
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Thanx 4 the advice i thought that wud be the case,i have now finished my anti biotics and still no hearing,infact i feel more deaf than i did b4,i will def go back 2 the docs coz this is so irritating now,thanx again x

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