Could Vertigo Cause Blurred Vision?


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Hi babijane,


I'm sorry to hear about your blurred vision. When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

I know that when I started a job in 1998 which required me to work on 2 computers all day long, my eyes went south quickly.

The other problem I had was that I would get dizzy occasionally, but I think that was from the position in which my head was being held as well as the headset I had to wear most of the day. I am not a doctor babijane, so I cannot say if these problems are connected or influencing each other in any way.

I think that the best things to do would be to have your eyes checked and to see your primary care physician for a check up. You never know, you could have something going on in the ears -- maybe a bit of water behind the eardrum or such.

Good luck and please be sure to let me know how this turns out!

Have an absolutely WONDERFUL day!! : - )

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Blurred vision is either caused by the subjective or objective symptoms of vertigo.
Either way, its a mistake saying VERTIGO COULD CAUSE BLURRED VISION.
Lets correct it by saying BLURRED VISION IS CAUSED BY VERTIGO.

*I stand to be corrected. Correct me if I am wrong. Its is just my hypothetical answer! =]
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Have you recently started any new meds? or even natural supplements? I only say this because you mentioned two conditions at the same time.
April Rose Alivio
was that a compliment or what? new meds for me is quite interesting. well i am just gonna start this year. I'm gonna take up medical technology then proceed to was that?
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Blurred vision can be caused by a number of different things. It is wrong to say that Blurred vision IS caused by vertigo. Correction should read, "Blurred vision CAN BE caused by vertigo." You can't believe everything you read on the internet. Get solid answers and advice from a medical professional.
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Definitely get it checked out - go to your GP and explain all your symptoms as the 2 you mention could be due to something quite small to something quite major, and it would be silly to leave it. Do the symptoms get better over a weekend when you've had time away from the computer? Do you have any balance problems when you are not at work?
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Yes, blurred vision is a symptom of vertigo.
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Yes, vertigo[ fear of heights] could cause temporary blurring of vision, if the person is having an 'episode'.
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Vertigo definitely causes blurred vision. You may started seeing things crossed eyed or it can just be blurry. But be careful because it also causes loss of balance and when you fall it may be hard to get up. So hope this helps.
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Vertigo can cause blurred vision, among other awful symptoms such as nausea, pain, dizziness, and more...your best bet would be to have a doctor check it out. Good luck!
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Computer Vision Syndrome is being recognized by Optometrists more and more and they have examinations geared to developing the needs for eyeglasses for the purpose of computer work. That's the good news. The other news is that vertigo has nothing to do with blurred vision without the room spinning around at the same time. One could lose their consciousness in vertigo, but not their eyesight as such. I speak from experience of vertigo.

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