Why Would My Eyelid Be Twitching?


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This kind of twitching is very common, and some of the causes can be tiredness, stress, eyestrain (due to needing glasses, wrong glasses, change in prescription needed), nutritional deficiencies, or caffeine or alcohol.  Of these, the most common are tiredness (catch up on your sleep) and stress (eliminate the stressors).

Here is a website which has some VERY helpful information on eye twitches and some suggestions.  Good luck.  I know, that's as irritating as all get out!!

Eyelid Twitching Info and Help
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I get that too, i think mine is from stress, it goes away and comes back when I'm stressed or tired!
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I have gone through a lot of schooling on regarding the muscles in the body and most of the time the eyes twitch due to spasms and stress regarding the muscles in and around the eye, most of the time all you need to do is ice or what ever you prefer to use to relieve other muscle spasms in your body.
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The twitching of a person eyes is a very common phenomenon. Generally, in the beginning it twitches in the bottom lid of one eye, but in some cases it also gets involve in the upper lid of the eye. In other case the twitches comes and go which does not harm a person eye. According to some cases which are recorded, an individual had twitches in his eyelid that lasted around a weeks and even months. So majority of the people ask immediately why does my eye twitch. This twitching is caused due to various reasons including stress, dryness of eyes, eye strain, allergies, and tiredness. So if you ever get the feeling of twitching one should immediately look for a doctor before the situation gets worse. To avoid such kind of problem you should be careful about for what youe allergic to. Lack of sleep, changes of glass or contact lens, dryness and more are the reasons which affect to twitch an eye of an individual.

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Everytime my eye twiches, its because of stress. Look at different factors in your life that you may or may not be addressing. The body has to release stress somehow, yours may be affecting your eye. It can last days to weeks.
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I get it too - always a combination of tiredness and stress. Sometimes it happens to other muscles too. Take the hint your body is giving you and get some good nights sleep.
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I had that 'problem' once. It went on for a few months, and then went away.  The Dr. Was not concerned. It was kind of embarrassing, but it quit. If your Dr. Is not concerned I would not worry about it.
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Another cause is drinking too much water too fast if you consume water faster that your body can process it one of the first side effects is twitching eyelids one eye or the other.

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