What Do You Put On An Itchy Eyelid?


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The generic term for inflammation of eyelids or eyelashes are known as blepharitis. It often results in itchy, burning red eyes. Use warm, moist cloth to your eyelids for 5 minutes about four or five times a day. Within some days, the infection will drain or wear off. You should use anti-fungal or anti-bacterial eyed drop for trivial corneal infections. If however the itching is severe, you may need to consume medicines or get antibiotic treatment apart from just the eye-drops. There is a steroid eye-drop known as 'Blephamide' which you can put on an itchy eyelid, with advice from your ophthalmologist. This medication is also available as an ointment. However it is advisable to meet with the eye- doctor and take medicines as per his prescription.
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You have to use some eyedrops and you can consult a doctor if you have a problem.

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