My Daughter Has Cirrhosis . Can You Send Me A List Of Foods For Her To Eat?


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Actually, the body may be able to handle a more vegetarian diet better than a meat filled one. Excessive protein can wreck havoc on someone with cirrhosis, so try to switch from red meat to chicken or fish a couple times a week.
Protein should stay 20-30% of the diet.
Breads, beans, legumes, cereals (complex carbs) are important for people with cirrohosis. Sodium usually has to be reduced with it, so experiment using different spices.
Carbs should be at 60-70%.
Make sure to have her drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to help flush out extra toxins.
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Liver Cirrhosis is managable if patient co-operate. For such patients, ideal food is that which is rich in protein, Like Fish, Prawn, Lobster, crab etc. But these should be grilled instead of cooking in oil.

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