How Long Can A Person Live After The Liver Stop Functioning?


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The length a person can live with liver damage is very subjective and therefore hard to give an accurate answer to your question.

The liver cells are what functions the liver, to keep the body well. When the cells of the liver become damaged, then the functions start to deteriorate and this is known as liver failure. As it progresses to where the liver cells start to die off, more signs and symptoms occur and the less functions the liver does.

The liver cells do not die off all at once as it is a progressive disease (if the patient has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis). You see, as the liver cells die off, scar tissue forms inside the liver that blocks the flow of blood to the functioning liver cells and they start to die, also.

The top test done to see how far advanced a person is in Cirrhosis of the liver is the Liver biopsy. Since the doctors are looking at the actual tissue of the liver and not just films of it...they can tell more. They can see the fibrosis, and the scar
tissue and give you an estimated guess how much longer she may have to live.

When patients are placed on the transplant list, they have blood tests done frequently and receive what is known as a MELD score. The MELD score runs from 6 to 40.

Those who are closer to a six are the healthiest on the list and may even go off the
list is they get they go up the scale closer to 40, they become sicker and the less time they have to live without having a transplant done. The tests
the doctor use to determine this score are the Bilirubin, INR, Creatinine, and Sodium.

Therefore without having these tests results, there is no way to even guess at the answer you need.
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How long can a alcoholic with liver failure live for also suffering liver poisoning and inconclusive evidence of infection symptoms are swelling of the abdominal areas and bottom of legs
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Well it depends on situation of the patient. Because in most extreme cases if the liver of a person stop functioning so try to find out causes for disorder of liver and stop using alcohol, foods that contain fats and acidic food. Take your brother to hospital so in this way you can have chances to recover your brother.
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If you have liver failure, then yes, you are going to die. Every person is different and it depends on whether any part of his liver is working or not as to how much longer he has to live. There are no answers as to how long someone has when they have liver failure. It can range from weeks to a few years. It all depends on how advanced his disease is at this time. Only he and his doctor know this answer
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