Is There A Cure For Hepatitis C Virus? Will Liver Transplant Work? If So What Would Be The Success Rate For A Person Who Has Liver Cirrhosis With Diabetes?


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No, there's no cure for Hepatitis C. It can be lived with reasonably well if a person manages their health wisely. For instance: Anita Broderick, founder of the Body Shop chain, only recently found out that she has Hepatitis C... which she apparently contracted 30 years ago from a blood transfusion -- but it took this long for the disease to manifest because she looks after herself well.

Even my brother who smokes like a chimney, dabbles in hard drugs, takes anti-psychotic drugs supposedly incompatible with Hep-C, AND lives on rubbish food has lived 15 years with it, so far.

A liver transplant might help, but it's a last resort, requires a compatible tissue match, and may not be suitable for other reasons. Cirrhosis and diabetes suggests the Hep-C sufferer in the question really has a lot of other health problems to deal with. They have to listen to what the trained medical professionals advise in their individual case.
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As of now, there is no cure for Hepatitis C, a viral disease that infects an estimated four million Americans every year. The difficulty in finding a cure is due to the fact that there are several subtypes of the disease. Besides, the Hepatitis C virus can self-mutate inside a patient's body, thereby managing most of the time to circumvent the patient's immune system. There are drugs available to treat the disease, however. One of these is interferon alpha, and another is Rebetron, a drug that contains both interferon as well as the anti-viral drug ribavirin.

However, for patients with chronic hepatitis C, the drugs may not work in the long run and the patient will most likely end up with liver disease, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer in some cases. However, a liver transplant is an option in such cases. So yes, even if you have cirrhosis, a liver transplant is possible. However, the diabetes angle may complicate things a lot, as it is difficult to perform major surgery on a diabetic. Even otherwise, despite the transplant, the chances of the virus manifesting in the liver again are there.
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It's already 3years since we (in Latvia) have had some kind of Cure.
I know that because about 5 years ago one great musician was sick; he had it and he was cured.
After that many people were interested, so many articles in magazines came along with information about what cures we have.
And they pay a big price too...

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