How Can I Test Positive And Then Negative To A TB Test And Then Positive Again?


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Your description is not very good.  Were you tested positive at first or were you negative at first.   To me it sounds like you were Positive and then negative and then positive again.  It can happen.  If you were tested Positive the first time and you used the treatment  and while you were on the treatment were tested negative but didn't finish the whole cycle then you can go back to positive and that is very dangerous because then you develop resistant TB and there is now cure for it.
You can also be tested positive and use the treatment for the whole 6 months and then go for another test and be negative but you still live in the same cirsumstances and are in contact with other people that got TB then you can get it again.
This disease is highly contagious
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I never used any treatment. I actually had a meningitis vaccine and a TB test the same time and was positive. My family doctor called a TB doctor and he said to test again in 2 months. When I re-tested 2 months later I was negative so they thought maybe the vaccine caused the positive reaction and had no treatment. 3 years later...last week...I tested negative and they did another test a week later and I had a strong positive reaction. Can they have been too close together? I don't know anyone that has had a second test a week after following a negative one.

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