What Is The Primary Use Of Beta-blockers?


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The beta-blockers are primarily used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Their job is to block the effect of neurotransmitter called nor-epinephrine which produces the 'flight or fight response' in the nervous system. Beta-blockers are in general used for chest pain, malfunctioning of heart rhythm and in other cardiac condition.

The beta-blockers, unlike other medications used for high blood pressure, do not play the role of lowering blood pressure in fact. That means the beta-blockers do not actually lower the normal blood pressure likewise other medications used for the same purpose. On the other hand, beta-blocker also do not affect heart beat directly, rather they control the emotion in such a manner that it eventually makes the heart beat more steady. But till date, it is not very clear how beta-blockers actually work on maintaining blood pressure. It is said that as the beta-blockers have the capacity to make the arteries relax, so it makes the blood flow smooth – but it is still unknown to researchers how beta-blockers do it. One more important thing is, the relaxation occurs with a sequential use of beta-blockers, so it is assumed that they have an indirect effect on arteries rather than a direct one.

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