Why Is My Eye Constantly Shedding Tears And Now Swollen?


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Your eye is tearing a lot because of what they call Dry Eye.  I went to the optometrist for this a week ago for the same problem.  She said it is because my tear ducts get clogged with dust from the environment.  She also said that eye strain from looking at things to long like a computer screen for example can cause the eyes to water a lot.   Most Dry Eye conditions can be cured or made more manageable by doing these things.
Your tears are suppose to drain behind your nose but because your tear ducts and the area across your eyelids are clogged the eyes ask the brain to provide tears because your ducts and moisture area on underneath the eyelids cannot.  So your brain is constantly flooding the eye with water or tears to help the eye stay moist. If not then your eye would develop some serious problem, like bacteria which is normally washed away by your tears.
So to correct this your eye doctor will tell you to put eye drops made for tears in your eye four times a day.  Also you must use a warm compress and gently wipe away the dust that has clogged your moisture area which is the under layer beneath your upper and lower eyelashes.
Use the compress at least two times per day.  Also try and stay out of windy conditions and the cold while you are going through this.  Also where shades outside to protect your eyes from the sun and the wind.
Very important, make sure you drink your daily fill of water which is 6 eight ounce glasses of water.  Water is the great purify and moisturizer our body needs.  
This works, I know because both my eyes was pouring water all day long.   After going to the optometrist and starting this process I now notice that my right eye has completely stop watering like before and my left eye is tearing less and less.  It is going to be tedious and slow at first but stay with it and you will notice the difference.  Oh yea, see a Optometrist or eye glass doctor because the specialist called Ophthalmologist will not see you for Dry Eye conditions.
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I'm not sure, but the same thing happens to me. My eyes are constantly "crying", too. Even right now, my left eye is tearing. I just squeeze my eyes, and wipe it. But, it keeps coming back.

Do you use any eye makeup or anything on your face? That can be the culprit.
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Could be a blocked tear duct. If so, there isn't a lot you can do about it unless you want to have surgery.
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I have the same problem.  It sucks.  Everyone thinks I'm upset.  I thought it was make up that was doing it so I stopped using it but I still have the problem. I really think it has something to do with allergies.  I find that when I use over the counter antihistamines, like Sudafed, my eyes aren't as teary, though it hasn't completely gotten rid of the problem. Maybe allergy eye drops might work.  I think I'll try that next.

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