What Is The Main Function Of Kidney Urinary Bladder Ureter And Urethra?


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The process of excretion, both of liquids and solids, occurs in and around the kidneys in a number of places. A steady filtration process of molecules leaves a waste product, either faeces or urine, with reabsorption occurring along the process in accordance with homeostatic conditions to create equilibrium between the amount of salt in the blood and in the waste product. Homeostasis is the mechanism in the body which helps to regulate it and help it operate properly. The urinary bladder is an elastic sac in the pelvic cavity in which urine is collected, and the ureters are the thin tubes about 30 centimetres long which carry the waste liquid to it. The urethra is a tube which connects the urinary bladder to the organ of excretion, providing the liquid with an exit from the body. This urine product has come about from changes within the kidney, most of which occur in nephrons. These filter the blood which enters the kidney via an artery; capillaries on the nephron help to reabsorb water before the liquid passes on to the Loop of Henle, where most reabsorption occurs and where kidney cells pump sodium ions. Having lots of water and healthy drinks will help the process of absorption, especially after strenuous exercise. Glomeruli are small filters which clean the blood throughout the kidney itself, and clean blood leaves the organ and re-enters the bloodstream via the vein. To prevent diabetes (when there are altered insulin levels in the blood), it is necessary to ensure that glucose levels are kept as normal as possible and it is also important that blood pressure levels do not go awry and thus damage the filtration system in any way. If you see or can feel any problems with the kidney (caused by nausea, fatigue or odd coloration of urine), consult a physician.
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Kidney- the main function of the kidney is to filter out and eliminate waste, so its main function is to produce urine,Ureter- is the muscular bladder that connects the bladder and the kidney so once the kidneys have filtered nutrients such as some Na and Water the rest of the waste is excreted and runs down the ureter into the urinary bladder- the main function of the bladder is to contain the urine until you feel the urge to void which is usually around 300 to 350 ml of urine before you feel the urge to void, and a normal adult bladder usually holds about 500ml, Urethra-after you feel the urge to void the urine runs out the Urethra, in males the urethra is about 20 cm and ends at the tip of the male reproductive organ, and in females is about 2 to 5 cm and ends at the opening of the female reproductive organ
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Function of kidney is to produce urine that of ureter is to convey it to bladder and the bladder functions as a storage house and the urethra acts as a passage when urine is to be voided by the bladder.

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