What Causes Fluid To Build Up Around The Kidney?


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Any type of surgery can result in swelling, known as post-operative oedema, which can cause fluid to build up around certain areas of the body.  Swelling is the body's natural way of protecting vulnerable areas from further injury, rather like an airbag or cushioning. 

However, fluid build-up could also be a sign of some type of inflammation in the area surrounding the operation site, or an infection, possibly due to bacteria from the gut entering the bladder or kidney, leading to conditions such as a urinary tract or kidney infection, known as pyelonephritis.

There is also a condition called hydronephrosis which results when one or both kidneys get filled with urine, causing it/them to become stretched and swollen.  Often the cause is rooted in a blockage within the urethra or passage in the kidney, sometimes as a result of kidney stones or a faulty valve in the urethra.

In most cases, the affected kidney will need to be drained and surgery may be needed to remove any possible blockages within the urinary system.  More information is available at this link: and
Other possible causes may be pain medication, which can lead to impaired kidney function, as well as fluid build-up in the blood due to diabetes, heart problems or hypertension.  Blockages as a result of gallstones, as well as cysts in the kidneys might be other possible causes of swollen or abnormal-looking kidneys.  

Usually there would be accompanying symptoms, such as pain or pressure in the lower abdomen, nausea, fever and back pain or a tender side, although some of these could also be side effects of a hernia operation, making it confusing to know what symptoms can be attributed to what. 

A good physician would be able make a more accurate diagnosis, ascertain whether further tests or treatment is needed or if referral to a kidney specialist may be in order.  A blood test is usually the quickest way to determine the health of the kidneys and provide more information with which the doctor can work.

Fortunately, human kidneys come in pairs, so that if one kidney is not working efficiently, the other one can take over the process of filtering toxins from the blood.
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My husband had a Hernia operation in the pelvic area three weeks age.  He had been
having severe pain since and on pain medication.  A CT scan was preformed and
he was found to have  fluid around the right kidney.  What might be the cause of this?
His appointment with the Dr. Is a week away.
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My friend had a full hysterectomy on the 29th she has had 2 kids both were high risk pregnancies causing a lot of scar tissue etc. One procedure she had the dumb doctors lost an historectomy. During the hysterectomy they clipped her bladder she has had a catheter in since an now fluid in her kidney these dumb docs don't  know how to fix. Clearly she needs another operation please help.

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